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About me

Born in Melbourne, Australia, I was privileged to experience a typical Aussie childhood. At the age of 7 I decided that I wanted to be an artist "when I grew up". This childhood dream inevitably lead me to the Queensland College of Art at the age of 18, where I successfully completed my Bachelor of Visual Arts in Fine Art, majoring in sculpture. Soon after, I moved to Switzerland, where I put my artistic dreams on the backburner. Many years later, after getting married and becoming a mum, my persistent artistic itch needed to be scratched again. Now that my artistic juices are flowing in full swing, I'm delighted to have the opportunity to get back into the art studio.

I want to make my art accessible to the artist and the non-artist. To me, art should be fun, intriguing, engaging and aesthetically pleasing.


Bronny Vonwil

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